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From Trauma to Transformation

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Authentic and Powerful!

Jacqueline E. Blue

Thank you, Audra Hill for sharing the intimate details of your life in order to inspire others to trust the healing power of God. 

A Christian Gem!

Amy Gomes

I really liked this book and how it helps to strengthen hope and faith. Audra Hill shares some of her deepest tragedies and despite those she is a survivor and even closet to God then before. She is definitely an inspiration to those of us who are struggling. Congrats on an awesome book and thanks for sharing your message with us.

Transformation At It's Finest!

Daryn Carl Ramsey

From Trauma to Transformation is a must-read book, if you want to know why and how you need to let the power of God, determination and perseverance change the way that you think, overcome and live your life the way God intended.

From Rock bottom to Fully Recovery!

Lori Ray

If you have ever experienced trauma of any sort and think you're the only one, you are not. Follow author Audra Hill through her journey of facing a potentially life ending trauma to fully recovering through her renewed faith in God. Be encouraged by this book on perseverance, transformation and inspiration.

Why Am I Smiling?

Karen B.

We met at the Survivor event that was held MSBC back in February. You were the guest speaker.  I am smiling because I just finished reading your book.   I loved it!! I’m sure all of us have felt those same thoughts that you expressed in your book. It’s only through those experiences where we feel as though God has left us that we come to truly know and experience God.  Once we sync up with Him, we come to experience His Plan for us that will change not only our lives but those around us. Thank you for allowing God to use you to share this treasure chest with us.

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